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Reflex brand was founded in 2016 near Royal Oaks, California by a father and son who were tired of paying for overpriced compression-style minimalist wallets online. 

The flagship Reflex Wallet was created to be an affordable minimalist wallet that challenged the status quo - that functioned as well, if not better than than its rivals while also expressing modern style. It's so unique & so versatile, they realized EVERYONE needed to have it. So, they started Reflex Brand...And boy, are we glad they did! 



Our mission is to inspire people to simply live. We seek to do this by providing affordable, high quality every day carry items that assist people in their daily life.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to repurposing material to fit specific needs through creative invention and innovative product design. We believe there is value in all things and pursue a commitment to quality, style, and design - both now and forever.



The Reflex Brand community is made up of people who seek great adventure and satisfaction in the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of life. 

Whether your thing is photography, yoga, cycling, golf, action sports, hiking, work... you will fit right in because we are all motivated to simply live every day.

Join our growing community of ambassadors who use the reflex wallet as their everyday carry! Post on instagram and hashtag #simplylive to be featured!

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