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 | Slim design | modern feel | classic look |



We thought long and hard about how to create the best minimalist wallet possible... That's why we decided to jump outside the box to find a new material that was flexible enough to mold to your every move yet strong enough to protect your necessities. Guess what? We found exactly what we were looking for!

Unlike other wallets, REFLEX One is made from a strong vinyl material, which gives your wallet the flexibility to bend and form in your pocket and the durability to weather any storm.

Check out this video on how to use it

R E F L E X   O n e

Slim design | modern feel | classic look

A simple wallet with flexibility of comfort and style. You'll find a modern design with a classic look that fits in your front pocket.


Strong enough to weather the storm


Classic vibe, with a modern feel


Minimizes wallet size by over 50%


Made to be slick, slim, and trendy


Holds up to 12 Cards & 5 bills


100% Made in the USA

REFLEX Wallet Anatomy

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